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2006-2007 MSRT/Rossignol Sponsorsed Racers


2005/2006-winter season saw the introduction of the MSRT/Rossignol Sponsorship Program. This program is designed to promote the pursuit of excellence in recreational racing, by both rewarding competitors who seek higher-level skill sets through coaching systems available through the MSRT program and by encouraging participation in team racing formats.

Recreational racers beaome eligible for this program by either joining one of two endorsed teams, The Modern Ski Racing Club Team, or the NASTAR Forum Family and Friends Team, or participating in an MSRT-sponsored race clinic.

The 2005-2006 sponsorship program concluded with four racers who qualified, and three racers who will be on 2007 Rossignol Race skis for next season.

The three racers being sponsored by the MSRT/Rossignol Sponsorship Program for the 2006-2007 season are:

    Ron Simonson - Qualified from the Howelsen Hill Clinic; Adjusted Average HC of 5.325
    Platinum 4-Track, Combined Male Overall Raw Time Champion

    From Ron Simonson:

    I recieved my Rossi's (Radical Mutix) just this week, from the MSR-Rossignol sponsorship program. A heart felt thanks goes out to Rossignol, MSRT, Podium, Jeff Sadis, and especially Gary Dranow for pushing so hard to promote amateur Ski Racing in the US.

    Last year was my 4th trip to Nastar Nationals and was by far my most successful thanks in no small part to Gary, Jeff Sadis and MSR as a team. My daughter and I cliniced at Howelsen Hill the day before Nationals. Jeff worked with me on stacking (I was breaking at the waist) at 'the Hill' and it paid huge dividends over the next two days. With the pitch, the pack, and the degree of difficulty in the course set if I were still breaking at the waist I would have lost my edge & slid down the hill on my butt, like so many others did. It didn't happen and that led to a Raw Time Title, thanks guys.

    Rossignol has been on the Podium 3 times with me. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it 4 this year! Thanks once again to Rossignol, MSRT, and Dranow! Gary, this is a great program you guys have started keep up the good work!

    Steffi Klosterman - Qualified from MSRT Team; Average HC of 28.610
    Platinum 11-12

    From Steve Klosterman, Steffi's father:

    My daughter, Steffi, received her set of Rossignol skis right before the holidays. My sincere thanks to all of you for, first, supporting the Nastar and Modern Ski Racing team this year and, 2nd, the effort everyone put in to follow through on the sponsorship commitment from last year's Nastar National race to get Steffi her skis.

    We hope that Rossignol continues to be a strong supporter of both Nastar and the MSR team in the upcoming years. We've seen Nastar grow in visibility, participation and sponsorships year after year and their national reach, national database of racing results and ability to compare yourself to other racers throughout the country appeals to the emerging "networked" generation of kids. My 9-year son, Paul from Boston, has personal rivalries with kids from Beaver Creek, Park City and other far off places, that we would never have dreamed of a few years ago.

    My two racers were introduced to the sport through Nastar, 3 years ago. At the time they were in a non-competitive, seasonal program at Attitash Mountain in New Hampshire. They were so thrilled with racing that they opted to join the Attitash ski team 2 years ago. We are one of several local families that, after testing the waters with Nastar, have now embraced ski-racing as one of our main activities.

    Like other race families, year after year we are obligated to make a substantial investment in new ski gear. What other kids ski on has a major influence in buying preferences. Already a few of our friends have switched from Fischer to Rossi this year just because they know her reputation and are seeing what Steffi's skiing on.

    While Nastar has established the foundation and infrastructure, Gary's MSR team has added their personality to the Nastar community. Their enthusiasm, commitment to the sport, contribution to training, promotion of recreational racing and running ski camps continues to encourage others to try and improve in their skiing skills. When we first attended the Nastar Nationals, we participated in the MSR's ski-training camp. Everyone associated with the program was supportive and the training really helped to prepare for some pretty challenging courses.

    I could go on and on! While Steffi will continue to race Nastar, as a first year JIII, she's now starting to compete for the bigger USSA prizes. It will be a very challenging year because she'll be up against older racers that are in some of the ski academies in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. If she does well...maybe an academy will be in her future, too. This weekend are the first regional qualifiers and we're looking forward to see how she will do!

    Again, our sincere thanks for all you've done!

    Richard Corey - Qualified from the MSRT Team Average HC of 68.325
    Platinum 80-84

    From Dick Corey:

    I'm Richard Corey the third place lucky winner of Rossignol R11 Radical Mutix skis and the only octogenarian in the group. The skis are beautiful and the Rossignol technology for binding attachment makes it simple to fit your boots as well as allows fw/aft positioning to suit your preference.

    Took the skis and myself to Crystal Mt. Mi. Wednesday ( 284 miles round trip ) for some sking and my first NASTAR run's of the season. I concluded the binding positioning needed to be moved forward of the center mark so I don't have to lean so far forward, this was so easy to accomplish with the Rossi's set up. Barely eeked out a platinum on one of four runs, its still early and with some minor adjustments I'll be fine. The skis performed GREAT.


    The PRIME MOVER of this program and one of the chief contributors to the NASTAR forum is Gary Dranow who is extremely dedicated to ski racing and its promotion of, to the recreational skier/public. As a coach he is able to verbally and by word description explain the technique required to improve the individuals racings ability on the course. His positive attitude, perseverance and promotion of our sport is welcomed by all.

    ROSSIGNOL is to be commended for its recognition and sponsorship support of the MSRT Program to promote/educate the skiing public on ski racing. I recognize that this is their business, however the sponsorship shows a lot of foresight and sincere interest on behalf of the Company. I personally have used their products as has my son most of our skiing life and found it to be high quality, durable and performed as intended. It's possible my sponsorship by Rossi could be a dividend for past brand loyalty.

    Lastly, Jeff Butz of Podium Ski Service in Park City is THANKED for his services provided to support this program. I showed my skis to the manager of the local area Rossignol Race Shop and he was very impressed with the workmanship of the tune provided. Podium Ski Service is highly recommended for your consideration and support.


We also want to recognize our fourth qualifier, who displayed racing excellence by winning her class, but was not able to join us in the Rossignol program due to existing relationships:

    Elizabeth Green - Qualified from the Howelson Hill Clinic Average HC of 28.425
    Gold 9-10

As an added bonus each racerís new skis were setup by Jeffrey Butz, Podium Ski Service, former World Cup Ski Technician with the US Ski Team!

Congratulations to all of our qualifiers, and to all of our eligible racers who competed in the NASTAR Nationals!

Details for this season's eligible are being finalized. Check back for more information!

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