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Of all the technical areas in the sport of skiing, the development of balance skills is by far the most crucial in the process of becoming an upper level skier. While we suggest purchasing the entire FOUNDATIONS SERIES as the way to make the most rapid improvement in ones skiing, if someone decided to start off by purchasing only one FOUNDATIONS SERIES DVD we would emphatically advise our Balance edition be that purchase.

Skiing by it's very nature is a sport based on balance. What is balance? Stated simply, it's the relationship between our Center of Mass (CM) and our feet. We establish balance in the manner we choose by manipulating the location of our CM. As we descend and maneuver down the mountain we encounter ever changing forces that act on our CM, seemingly always attempting to disrupt our state of balance. Expert skiing entails developing the ability to manage those ever changing forces so that ones desired state of balance remains consistently intact.

It's often asked if balance is an innate athletic gift one either possess or doesn't, or if it's a skill that can be learned. After many years of teaching skiing we can tell you that while of course some gifted athletes come to the table with a definite advantage in this area, balance in skiing is most definitely a skill that can be learned by all.

The objective of our FOUNDATIONS Balance edition is to expand to a very high level the balance skills of our students. We don't simply focus on helping students develop the ability to establish what most consider optimal states of balance, and then learn to perform at a high level of proficiency within those optimal states. We go far beyond that. We also show students how to establish states of balance across the entire balance spectrum and learn how to perform equally well in those states too. Finally, we help students learn to change their state of balance at will, to any new state of balance desired, at any point during the turn.

This is a level of balance skill development that goes well beyond the teachings that occur at most of the instructional schools available to recreational skiers. Those who take their balance skills to this expanded level become virtual magicians on their skis. They can comfortably ride balanced on either edge of either ski for as long as they desire, and can then change that state of balance at will and continue to perform just as effortlessly. With this expanded balance skill foundation at ones disposal confidence soars because the skier knows that no matter what unexpected situation may arise, no matter what peculiar position or state of balance one may suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves in, that they have the skills needed to perform elegantly and effortlessly in that temporary state.

With the newfound skill level developed in our FOUNDATIONS Balance edition you will find you have the confidence to tackle new challenges with less reservation, and the ability to acquire new skills and perform new training drills very rapidly. Of all the technical areas to be developed in skiing, balance truly is the one that provides the key to the city of expert skiing. We sincerely hope you take advantage of this very valuable training DVD. It will definitely take your skiing to a new level.