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Instructional DVD Series
and User Guide


MODERN SKI RACING is pleased to present the most complete and in depth DVD training program currently available in the ski industry. Within this comprehensive learning system lies technical information and training methodologies that up until now have only been accessible through the high level coaching available at the most intense race training programs.

With the introduction of our FOUNDATIONS SERIES and LEVELS SERIES instructional DVD training programs, the inaccessibility of high level training for the recreation racer has ended. Now every skier on the slopes has a convenient means to access the type of world class training that has produced the sport's best skiers and racers.

To benefit most from our instructional program some user guidance is in order. Our two segment training program, FOUNDATIONS SERIES and LEVELS SERIES, are meant to be used hand in hand. LEVELS is a 4 part training progression that provides stepping stone technical ideals for skiers to aspire to as their abilities develop. Once the technical skiing ideal promoted in one LEVEL of the series is adopted into the skiing of a student, and refined to a high quality execution, the next LEVEL should be pursued.

The FOUNDATIONS SERIES works a little different. What FOUNDATIONS does for the student is develop the very specific building blocks that make success in the LEVELS SERIES possible. I suppose if one were to use a cooking analogy it could be said that if LEVELS is the completed dish, then FOUNDATIONS are the specific ingredients that go into making it.

The FOUNDATIONS SERIES consists of 5 segments, each focusing on one very specific technical area of skiing. These areas of focus are balance, edging, rotation, angulation, and transitions. Within each DVD a progressive sequence of drills and exercises expands the students skill base and versatility within that specific technical area. As one gets more and more proficient at the skills taught in the FOUNDATIONS DVDs, the students' ability to adopt and execute the technical ideals in the LEVELS SERIES will grow in leaps and bounds. It is for this reason that we strongly suggest using FOUNDATIONS and LEVELS in unison. LEVELS will show you where you need to go, and FOUNDATIONS will provide you the means to get there. It's the same training philosophy employed by all top quality race training programs. Our methodology has taken a tremedous amout of information and put it into bite-sized pieces for the recreational racer.