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Level 1, Waist Steering

The first module in our LEVELS INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES is our introduction to arc to arc carving via our self created and widely acclaimed Waist Steering progression.

Efficient carving is a crucial component of all advanced skiing, yet it remains a very elusive skill for many recreational skiers and racers. The development of the ability to link clean carved turns can produce greater improvements in race times and general free skiing than can the acquisition of any other technical skill.

We call these arc to arc turns because where one cleanly carved arc ends, the next begins, with no twisting or turning of the feet and skis prior to the initiation of the new carved turn. Skis are designed, now more than ever before, to accomplish much of the chore of changing our direction of travel for us. All we need to is tip our skis onto edge and load them by means of our stance, and the built in sidecut of the skis will cause the skis to bend into an arc and produce a clean carved turn. It is this very innate capability of the new shape ski that is so under exploited by the majority of today's skiers and new racers, and this is why we've chosen to make the addressing of this technical issue a ground zero focus in our training progression.

The vehicle we use to address this crucial technical element is called Waist Steering. Developed just over the past year by the coaches at MODERN SKI RACING, Waist Steering is a revolutionary technique that involves incorporating the power of our bodies center core to tip the skis on edge and power the outside ski and outside half of our body through the turn, while simultaneously establishing an efficient and strong stance that serves as a perfect base for more advanced turns. Already in it's young life Waist Steering has contributed astoundingly to the rapid improvement of the many students who've been exposed to it. The beauty of the Waist Steering learning progression is in the speed at which arc to arc carving can become a part of a skiers skill repertoire, and the amazing improvements in skiing and racing performance this easy to acquire skill can produce.

We consistently see our simple to learn Waist Steering progression create major improvements in our students free skiing and race results in very short order, often in just a couple hours. We have testimonials here on our website from students who've learned the Waist Steering technique this past season and were amazed at the degree to which their race results immediately improved. Their reactions and performance jumps are very typical of the standard effect Waist Steering has on our students across the board, and we're extremely exited to be able to make this valuable training progression available to everyone via on snow clinics, or our easy to follow Level 1 instructional DVD.

Level 1 Waist Steering Demo Video

MSRT Level 1 Handout