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Level 2, Arc to Arc Turns

Level 2 of our instructional series moves us into a very important technical area. Here we teach you the advanced arc to arc turn that serves as the foundation turn upon which all subsequent advanced turns are based. Once this turn is learned and absorbed into a skiers technical repertoire, it opens the door to skill development at a level far beyond the comprehension of the neophyte carved turn skier.

Our Waist Steering progression provided a revolutionary means to quickly learn to roll skis on edge and ride a cleanly carved arc, but it was only the beginning. Where our introductory Waist Steered turns are performed on relatively low edge angles, and via a square rotational orientation, our Level 2 DVD opens the door to a much higher form of dynamic turning. Edge angles now increase, which reduces turn radiuses and increases the turn forces that must be resisted. Too, rotational orientations and angulation usage alters to assist skiers in coping with the new balance challenges associated with increased edge angles. Finally, a more advanced and very effective turn transition that involves a simultaneous subtle extension of uphill leg and relaxation and tipping of the downhill leg is introduced that links these high level turns together in a very efficient manner.

Suddenly, with the learning of this turn, a whole new world of turn shapes and tactical approaches becomes at the disposal of the developing skier/racer. The skis can now be tapped for the entirety of their innate mechanical potential, and skiing performance again elevates to another new and even rarer level. An evaluation of the skiers at any resort in the world clearly shows that less than 1 percent of the skiing populace possess the knowledge or ability to execute these advanced arc to arc turns.

We're hoping to change that unfortunate reality. The means to realizing this elite level of skiing is not widely known among the recreational skiing and racing communities, but neither is it beyond their ability to quickly learn once exposed to it. As with our Level 1 Waist Steering DVD, our Level 2 advanced arc to arc turns DVD is based on a very simple to follow instructional progression. Learning is easy, with a drill sequence designed to quickly move students onto high edge angles and have them arcing powerful small radius turns in rapid time. Once this high level turn is learned and refined a students skiing enters a new dimension of performance, and establishes a platform upon which all remaining high level technical skills can be supported.

When combined with our FOUNDATIONS TRAINING SERIES, this DVD takes student skill levels to a plateau that's occupied by only a very small percentage of the worlds skiers.

Level 2, Arc-to-Arc Demo Video