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Level 3, Advanced Tactics
and Techniques


Having learned and adopted the advanced arc to arc turn in LEVEL 2, students now build on that advanced foundation turn in LEVEL 3 with specialized techniques that allow for new tactical approaches to specific race course and free skiing situations.

When racing or free skiing an arc to arc turn does not always fulfill every need. Sometimes a turn in a race course is so sharp carving the entire direction change is beyond the mechanical capabilities of the skis. At other times, even though an arc to arc turn would be possible a racer may, in the interest of increasing speed, want to take a more aggressive line that will not support a purely carved turn. Even during free skiing skiers will occasionally find themselves in situations that call for a more dynamic direction change than the sidecut of their skis have the capability to provide.

In these instances a new type of transition and turn shape must be employed. We call these turns pivot entry turns, or PET. LEVEL 3 will explore these PET's and the transitions that make them possible. And as in all our instructional DVDs in the LEVELS SERIES, we provide a easy to follow progression of simple to learn drills that will very effectively guide the student to adding the valuable PET to their skill repertoire.

Also in LEVEL 3 we cover a multitude of other specialized techniques, to include: new types of turn completions, start and finish strategies, specific course situation tactics, and the use of advanced Waist Steering applications to boost the quality of turn completions.

In summary, LEVEL 3 provides the information and training that ties crucial technical loose ends for the high level racer and skier. It builds upon the LEVEL 2 by providing the final tools needed to complete the technical and tactical package.

Level 3, Advanced Tactics and Techniques Demo Video