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Racing to Win with the MSRT Progression

Ski racing has come a long ways over the last 70 years.  

Technique is ever evolving, as is equipment, and racers look far different now then they did just a decade ago. Our mission at "Modern Ski Racing" is to provide a way for skiers and the recreational racer to not only come to understand exactly where that evolution has taken current technique, but to incorporate these modern techniques into their own skiing.    

To many, the high level skiing seen displayed by top World Cup racers as they speed down steep, icy courses can seem beyond comprehension,  much less personal attainability. While World Cup racers possess natural athletic abilities foreign to most, the technical principles these athletic phenoms employ are universal, and open to adoption by the masses.  

"Modern Ski Racing" has developed a unique instructional program that  links together to provide a step by step means for people to acquire the skills once deemed the domain of the world's elite. Beginning with our revolutionary "Waist  Steering" introduction to carving arc to arc turns, we take you step by step via our instructional DVD series or on-snow clinics through the acquisition of the highest level modern skiing and racing techniques and skills.   

Come join us. Allow us to show you the road to high level skiing and successful racing.  

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